Detailed Engineering

Tell us about your project Modeling and delineation of complex geometries,
detailed plans, bill of materials,
spare parts lists, technical documentation

Technical works

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FEM Simulation, VR y AR, renderings...


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Comunication and Renderings

Technical Documentation From your 3D models,
we generate high quality documentation

Trust a specialized and expert team.

A multidisciplinary team that accompanies you in your engineering projects, that knows which tools to use in each process and that bets on your project as much as you do.

We are a consulting and engineering company based in Galicia but we work for the whole world.

Understanding your requirements, goals and the scope of your work is important to us. We listen and work together to create a unique experience and fulfill all your goals.


At Easyworks, we carry out Product Development Consultancy.
We work with companies that have their own product and we help them in the phases of Design, Validation, Standardization and Simulation, Technical or Commercial Documentation, Rendering, Data Management and Support in Work Methodologies.
We recommend tools to use, train you on how to use them and we also automate repetitive tasks.

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Engineering Services

We manage complete projects or as a part of your team in the matter of detail engineering and manufacturing. We design the model and drawings of complex geometries in civil works, such as bridges or viaducts, as well as detail and assembly drawings, sectional views, bill of materiales, parts, exploded view drawings, etc.

We have also worked in the design of industrial equipment, metal structures and machinery. We work from our office or we move to yours.

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From our outsourcing services we carry out all kinds of projects for different sectors and with differents work methods. We adapt to meet your particular needs!

Some of the services we offer are: 3D mechanical design, structural calculation, FEM simulation, parameterization and standardization of machinery, design of isometric drawings of pipe network, naval outfitting services, documentation and furniture renderings.

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Technical Communication

Turn your 3D CAD data into stunning technical communication of your project or product.

We create digital user’s guide and assembly manuals, data sheets, CE certificate, maintenance manuals, commercial and marketing documentation such as infographics, renderings, videos or high-quality graphics for your website. No need to hire a photographer or build a physical prototype.

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Ways of working - We adapt to your company!

  • Outsourcing Projects

    These are projects in which a technical team of Easyworks is transferred to the client's offices. We move with the computers and tools necessary to adapt quickly to your way of working. We go to your office to work side by side with the project team.

  • Managed by Easyworks

    We can manage and execute full projects. We work from our offices and share information with your team at the moment. This information can be downloaded in your server or in ours, whichever you prefer. And we do it through a collaborative work tool, which we explain below how it works.

  • Mixed projects

    In mixed projects, we propose a combined way of work between the two previous ones: we can work a few days in your offices with your team, manage the project together and when you see it necessary, continue the work from our offices, always keeping update what we are doing.

Collaborative work tools

Working with collaborative tools allow us to work directly in the customer database as if we were there.

Or even work offline and load the data later; always guaranteeing the correct management of versions, reviews, changes, etc.

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