Consultancy Product Development

  • 1


    Data collection and situation analysis

  • 2


    Conclusions of the analysis and improvement proposals

  • 3

    Action plan

    Execution of the selected proposals

  • 4

    Results report

    Conclusion and analysis

  • 5


    Review and follow-up plan for the following months


In this previous analysis:

  • We define the  goals of the company and the consultancy in particular
  • We review the documents delivered by the client: 3D models, data sheets, AutoCAD files, drawings, work procedures, etc.
  • We study the work processes, methodologies, systems used, levels of knowledge of the tools, etc.
  • Visit the company’s premises for initial meetings and interviews
  • Analysis and current situation
  • Questions and doubts
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Based on the previous analysis, we present conclusions to detect areas of improvement and propose a series of actions to be executed. You do not have to run all of them, but the ones that are most interesting for you and your needs.

Kind of proposals we could make:

  • Implement or modify work methodologies
  • Implantation of new tools or Integration of existing ones: CAD – ERP – PDM – MES – WEB
  • Development of specific tools
  • Product standardization
  • Specialized adn personalized training


Once the proposals have been selected, we execute them:

  • Planning of the project you approve: milestones and deliverables .
  • Definiion and execution of the necessary phases
  • We could develop and execute a pilot project
  • Responsibles for each task are established
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In this report you will find:

  • Summary of the enhancement applications (to optimize time, technical and commercial documentation and its correct management)
  • Analysis of the results compared to the starting point
  • Evaluation and final report of each point of the action plan
  • All the project documentation and record of activities carried out is delivered
  • Analysis of what has worked and why.


This kind of monitoring consists in:

  • Commitment of support and monitoring
  • Support to the implementation process
  • Evaluation and subsequent recommendations
  • Monitoring plan to check the status of the update in the following months
  • Approach of possible next phases and review of other needs

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