Experts in Product Development.

We are a multidisciplinary team, with experience in different sectors.

We advise

With us you will find out someone who will help you at any stage of the process. We recommend you to look for the best options to achieve your goals.

We accompany you

Even if the project is finished, our team is available to accompany you in the adaptation and give you the necessary support with the tools.

Meet the team

equipo Easyworks
Thais Pérez

(+34) 637 140 216

equipo Easyworks
Fernando Suárez
Head of technical department

(+34) 629 729 187

equipo Easyworks
Ivana Zugazagoitia
Specialized in building and civil engineering

(+34) 678 918 415

equipo Easyworks
Ana Belén Bouza
Automatic and Industrial Electronics

(+34) 678 918 413

equipo Easyworks
Uxía Martínez

(+34) 637 901 097

equipo Easyworks
Héctor Méndez
Industrial Design and Product Development

(+34) 664 831 844

equipo Easyworks
Alberto Quintela
Technical Architect and Building Engineer

(+34) 663 853 516

equipo Easyworks
Manuel López
Naval and oceanic Engineer

(+34) 673 768 736

Hugo Hevia

(+34) 661 533 251

Simón Marcote
CAD Designer

(+34) 664 831 844

David Moreno
CAD Designer

(+34) 664 831 844

Fernando Rodríguez
CAD Designer

(+34) 664 831 844

Why choose us?


  • In a digitalized world, we still like face-to-face with customers. They visit us and we visit them.
  • We adapt to deadlines but we really like to have the time necessary to get the projects done with the highest quality possible and well reviewed.
  • We are not the cheapest. We know it. But we are sure that the quality of our work is in line with the price
  • We are not specialized in any specific sector, but we bring freshness and the experience of other business sectores.
  • Neither are we the largest in number of people, but it allows us to offer you a flexibility and agility that you will not find in larger companies.


  • We have worked for so many sectors and with so many methodologies in more than 300 clients. We adquired a wide knowledge of how to approach development in the best way possible.
  • We work all phases of product or project development.
  • We look for excellence and perfection with the projects of our clients.
  • We get involved in projects. We do not talk about customers, but about colleagues. We feel as an important part of the work we do.
  • We are a very versatile team but we also care that each one specializes; in a different field in order to offer diversity.

Do you want to work with us?