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The solution to increase productivity in industrial companies

The lack of standardisation in design processes wastes a lot of money for industrial companies. In the absence of precise guidelines, each team member tends to work differently, leading to inconsistencies and errors. In addition, common situations such as the departure or arrival of an employee exacerbate these difficulties.

We are all familiar with cases of employees leaving and, with them, valuable knowledge of ways of working. To this we add onboarding processes in which ‘bringing a new team member up to speed’ can be an arduous and costly task. These onboarding processes in industrial companies are often lengthy and consume both material and human resources. The solution to these problems involves analysing, compiling and capturing all your know-how in a living Engineering Style Guide that reflects your reality.

Collect all your know-how in an Engineering Style Guide

When we refer to an Engineering Style Manual, we are talking about a guide composed of a set of precepted criteria, standards, instructions and working protocols for the design and/or generation of product manufacturing and/or assembly documentation. A style manual allows you to:

  • Ensure consistency and quality in designs: Use standardised formats, templates and libraries to ensure that all designers work in unison.
  • Reduce the likelihood of errors: With clear and detailed guidelines, you minimise the possibility of errors and ensure more efficient production.
  • Optimise workflows and processes: what is not standardised cannot be improved.
  • Facilitate the onboarding of new employees: clear instructions help them to integrate quickly and work productively.
  • Basis for sustainable growth in the medium term.

Designed for companies with…

  • Unique products or operational processes
    Specialised requirements
    Complex workflows
    Interdepartmental and supplier collaborations
    Lengthy onboarding processes
More information

A Style guide accessible from any screen

We propose the 3DEXPERIENCE Platform as a work tool. An online environment designed for industrial companies, in which CAD software such as SOLIDWORKS is the protagonist. This ecosystem, thanks to its collaborative potential, is the perfect place to implement your Engineering Style Manual:

1. It has a structured Wiki, which allows to clearly and precisely articulate all the protocols and methodologies for 3D design.

2. A living, interactive knowledge base, supported by the communities.

3. Search and consultation space for professionals, which in turn serves as a support for standardising work and facilitating onboarding processes.

4. Allows all types of formats to be included: CAD models, videos, pdfs, links, 3D files, etc. Highly explanatory and configurable.

5. Communities to consult doubts and develop a knowledge base and FAQs.

6. Storage system for templates, configurations, models, etc. accessible to all the professionals in your company.

Working progress

We want to combine our product development consultancy with the implementation of a dynamic digital environment that reflects your know-how. This process will consist of several stages.

With the main objective of standardising your design processes, we propose to analyse current products and methodologies to identify areas for improvement. We will do this through meetings to gather information, with the aim of bringing together professionals from each team and department to communicate their needs, as well as involving those experienced users who bring so much value to companies. Sample procedures and files will be requested for analysis.

For each improvement identified, we will present proposals that include new methodologies, protocols, training or software if we consider it necessary. We will assess the training needs of the users and elaborate the project with the person in charge, using the same tool (use of labels, workflow, types of articles, etc.).

The basis of the style guide will be created and used throughout the process of defining procedures, allowing it to be updated according to the needs of the company.


  • We define the objectives of the company and of the manual in particular.
  • We review the documents provided by the client: 3D models, technical data sheets, AutoCAD files, plans, work procedures, etc.
  • The study of work processes, methodologies, systems used, levels of knowledge of the tools, etc.
  • Visits to the facilities for initial meeting and interviews
  • Analysis and current situation of all the information
  • Consultation of doubts
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Based on the previous analysis, we present conclusions to detect areas for improvement and propose a series of actions to be implemented. Not all of them need to be carried out, but only those that are most interesting for you and your needs.

Types of proposals we could make to you:

  • Implementing or modifying work methodologies
  • Implementation of new tools or Integration of the existing ones CAD – ERP – PDM – MES – WEB
  • Development of specific tools
  • Product standardisation
  • Receive specialised and personalised training


  • Planning of the project you approve: milestones and deliverables.
  • Defining and executing the necessary phases
  • One of the phases may be to run a pilot project.
  • Establish who is responsible for each task
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  • Summary of implementation of improvements (to optimise time, technical and commercial documentation, and their proper management)
  • Analysis of the results compared to the starting point.
  • Delivery of all the project documentation and record of activities carried out.
  • Implementation of the Style Manual in the business platform.


  • Commitment to support and accompaniment
  • Support to the implementation process
  • Subsequent evaluation and recommendations
  • Follow-up plan to check the status of the upgrade in the following months
  • Consideration of possible next steps and review of further requirements

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